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One-Stop Shop for Alternators and Starters!

We have the expertise to diagnose, repair and replace your alternators and starters.

Starters and Alternators in Calgary

Are you in need of starters and alternators in Calgary to restore your classic 1957 Chevy or keep your snow plowing equipment working? If so, look no further than Alternator & Starter Depot Ltd. If we don’t have a particular alternator or starter in stock, we can rebuild the one you have. We are a company that exclusively specializes in the repair and replacement of every make and model of starter and alternator. Many drivers and classic vehicle enthusiasts in Calgary visit us to save money.

Alternators and Starters for Your Antique Car or Tour Bus

Alternator & Starter Depot Ltd., has a team of highly skilled professionals that specializes in the repair, replacement and servicing of hard-to-find starters and alternators of antique cars and tour buses. As Calgary’s starting and charging system specialists, we guarantee a complete line of new, rebuilt, remanufactured and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) starters and alternators. Whether you drive a minivan or tractor, our company has the alternators and starters for vehicles of every type and size. Give us a call right away to learn more about our products and services. Our friendly and professional team will be happy to assist you.

At Alternator & Starter Depot Ltd., we have the required skills and equipment to diagnose, repair and replace alternators and starters of the following types of vehicles and equipment:

Import and domestic vehicles

Tractors (upgrades)

Construction, mining and drilling equipment

Antique and classic cars

Marine equipment

Motorcycles, ATVs and snowploughs

Industrial and farm equipment

Commercial and heavy-duty trucks

Trust Our Experience!

We have been providing alternators and starters services since 1994.

We Offer Free Estimates!

Call us today to schedule your service and request an estimate.

Mechanics You Can Count On

We specialize in the repair and replacement of every make and model of starters and alternators.

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