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Reliable Alternator and Starter Services in Calgary

Count on the technicians at Alternator & Starter Depot Ltd., when you are in need of efficient alternator and starter services in Calgary and the surrounding area. We will special-order any units we don’t have in stock, or we will rebuild your alternator or starter on site. Bring us any starter or alternator from any machine and our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can repair or rebuild it in no time. We work on alternators and starters of the following types of equipment:

HD equipment

Rotating electrical starters

AC/DC motor service

Rebuilding intermittent duty or continuous duty

Air pressure starters

Conversion of 6 volt to 12 volt

Preventative maintenance

50 DN oil-cooled alternators

Dependable Diagnostics/Products from Respected Manufacturers

At Alternator & Starter Depot Ltd., we pride ourselves on providing diagnostic services using the latest technology. Whether you’ve a problem with your starter or battery, we will find the source of the issue and fix it in no time. We repair and rebuild alternators and starters for nearly every kind of vehicle and motorized equipment. We offer free estimates based on accurate testing before we begin any work.

We stock a complete lineup of rebuilt, new and OEM starters and alternators from some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, including:






Delco Remy

Fujitsu SAW



Prestolite Electric



Magneti Marelli®



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